After growing up in Massachusetts and graduating from UConn, I ditched my preppy roots and moved to NYC. I had a borrowed carry-on suitcase, $200 in my checking account, and a one-way bus ticket.  It wasn't always easy, but it has been an amazing journey.


My professional experience as a Social Media Coordinator has launched a passion for exploring B2C blogging and social media for lifestyle brands and influencers. My tone is conversational, relatable, and authentic.


I also consult with creatives and female entrepreneurs (hell yeah #WomenInBusiness!) to establish a professional initial digital presence by designing websites, creating social media accounts, and advising on brand marketing strategies.


Other than making people laugh with puns and endless sarcasm, I love Phish Food ice cream, hiking & camping, listening to Spotify all day, trying to master small space decorating, getting lost in the city (on purpose, not when I actually need to be somewhere), working on my all black "personal uniform" (Steve Jobs was on to something there), and supporting the use of Oxford commas.

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